Are floor seats worth it?

Yes. Yes, they are. If you’re a basketball fan, having the floor seats in Oracle Arena is worth it for many reasons. The floor seats are located on the court, really close to the players, and all that goes into a basketball game. There is no seat for these tickets because they are not assigned. They’re free, but you have to get there early to secure a spot on the court.

Are floor seats good?

Floor seats are not as good as they sound. Most of the people I asked said that it is pretty bad because you can’t see well of the stage. Floor seats are so bad. The worst part is that you have to go through numerous security checks and a lot of stairs before getting in, which means that if you want to leave early, it’s going to take forever. And if you’re claustrophobic…good luck.

They honestly should just call them ledge seats. You literally sit on the tiny ledge and maybe see what is directly in front of you. I don’t think that floor seats are good.

Are floor seats at a concert good?

How good are floor seats at concerts? Floor seating at concerts is usually the best way to get close up, if you are a true fan of a particular band a floor seat can be a treat. You will have the pleasure and honor to view your favorite band perform live in front of your eyes with extreme detail and precision, but because they are so close by you have to endure the long hours that concerts are most of the time, which is about 2-3 hours.

I have been to many concerts and I can honestly say face value seating is much better than floor seats when there are more people in the crowd due to one thing and one thing only, overcrowding (which would make your experience worse). But if you are lucky enough to have floor seats then you can enjoy all the benefits of actually being in the concert with your favorite band, and you can see how they are truly live because a floor seat offers you more entertainment.

why are floor seats cheaper?

Floor seats into the upper deck of Madison Square Garden and American Airlines Arena are cheaper than baseline or club level tickets. These floor seats are often priced below the lowest baseline seats.

For example, in a baseline seat at American Airlines Arena for an upcoming game between the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Clippers, the cheapest floor seat is $163. The baseline seats are listed for as low as $74. Club level baseline seats are listed at over $200 for that same game.

The floor seats of the upper deck are listed much lower than these baseline seats.

If you are looking for floor seats at home, then they will be expensive.


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