How Much Are The Floor Seat Tickets At The Nba?

Floor seating ticket prices on NBA Football

Sports are meant for people who know how to enjoy them. For enthusiasts, floor seats are the best way to get closer to their favorite player on the court. They feel like being in the match and thus enjoy it with a lively and energetic mood. However, to enjoy the floor seat area, you first need to buy the floor seat tickets for the staples center.

Here is a complete guideline on how you can buy these floor tickets, how much they cost, and whether or not they will be suitable for you or for your favorite teams like Orlando magic or Brooklyn nets, etc.

Why Buy Floor Seat Tickets? 

Watching a basketball game at home is fun, but the experience of watching it live makes it much more immersive. If you are watching it live, then floor seats are courtside seats that are best for enjoying the game.

Watching the game live will take you closer to the player and help you feel more energetic and life-like. This is probably the best thing to ever happen to any great fan of NBA players.

The cheapest tickets cost about $4,770, and these tickets are especially for games that take place on Wednesday and Tuesday nights.

Most people/ basketball players or fans want to sit on courtside or floor seats because they want to get closer to their favorite players and get involved in the match. For this purpose, they but courtside tickets.

It will allow them to sit in front of their favorite players and feel like they are in the match. Enjoying the match with only a 1-2-meter distance is what a die-hard fan would ever want.

floor seats at a concert will give you complete joy. You will be close to the stage and watch your favorite artist singing or playing instruments. If you are fan of Korean band BTS, then floor seats are excellent option for you. It will get you close to them, and you will see them closely as compared to others.

What Are Floor Seats Or Courtside Seats At Lakers Games?

When you hear about courtside seats or floor seats in the NBA, you should know that it is the section of the seats closest to the court. There is almost no distance between the audience and the ball court; that is exactly what the floor seats or courtside seats mean.

Why Nba Floor Seats Are Popular?

One of the main things that make basketball different from all other games is that you can enjoy seeing the matches from very close and enjoy the game without getting bored. While on the other hand, when compared to other sports, there is always a distance between the audience and the field.

  • The first advantage of floor seats is that you are close to your favorite players, or if you are lucky enough, you can even socialize or chat with them directly.
  • The second reason is that basketball game fans love the floor seats because they are so close and feel like they are in the match.
  • Lastly, you are also in the middle of professional players and coaches, which will help you enjoy the game even better and with greater enthusiasm.


Sideline club $600 $26,400
Courtside club $695 $30,580
Courtside club $925 $40,700
Courtside club $1,200 $52,800


There are three ways to get NBA courtside tickets.

From the Ticketing website

The first way is that you can purchase courtside tickets from the ticketing website. You can also select the basketball game and then mention the floor seats which you want to own.

Through Intermediaries

The second way to buy these tickets is through intermediaries, also known as the black market. However, the courtside ticket prices are higher due to the service price, making it so expensive and making you feel like you are paying for one extra ticket.

From the ticket resellers

The last way to buy a basketball game ticket is to search for those people who want to resell their tickets. Some of them will charge meager, especially when the match is going to begin. They do it because they are afraid that no one will buy the ticket and they will lose their money.


Sitting at courtside or floor seats at the basketball games is a great and unique experience for any basketball lover. However, to get or win a ticket there, you will need a great deal of luck and money. If you are still thinking about whether these seats are worth buying or not, the answer is a big yes as it will help you enjoy all the things mentioned above.

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