Floor Seating is not Raked

I have always assumed the floor seating was raked, and that people who were closer to the front would have a better view. However, this is not the case – people at the front are just closer to the stage. I asked my father, who has been to numerous concerts, and he said there was no difference in view between being in any seat on the floor. I then called the University of Western Ontario, home of Massey Hall. Their ticket office told me this as well.

The only difference between seats on the floor and anywhere else in the hall is that the floor seating costs a lot more. The people near the front have nothing to gain or lose by being there, at least not as far as the view goes.

“If you want the best view,” said my father, “sit where someone has already been sitting for a long time.”

The seating in the floor sections at basketball games has a surface that is flat, with no riser.

Because of this design, it can be uncomfortable for taller people to sit in the floor section and can be a safety hazard, standing room only if everyone stands.

The lack of a riser is not equal access to all in the floor section.

This seating with no riser was put into place so that the basketball players.

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