How good are floor seats at concerts? worth it?

Are floor seats good for concerts? are floor seats good?

When floor seats for concerts are mentioned most people think of general floor seating. However, floor seats can be obtained by purchasing special VIP packages. When floor seats are a part of VIP packages it is important to understand what floor seating means in the context of the package so that you do not end up disappointed at the concert.

what is floor seating ?

Floor seat floor stands / floor riser floor seating

Floor stand floor seats a floor area where floor standing patrons are allowed to move around. This type of floor seating is the most common kind of floor seat provided in VIP packages. The emphasis with floor stands is on the view, not access to amenities such as restrooms or bars; at each floor stand there may be a floor riser floor seating area where you can stand to see the concert stage.

Arena floor seating:

in this case, floor seats are higher than other floor seating tickets because of their location. With this type of floor seating, you will not only need to be on the floor level but also within some distance from the floor level.

Floor riser floor seats:

In this type of floor seating, you are expected to remain where your seat is and not wander around. At the same time, if you need to go somewhere, then it means walking up or down flight stairs; there will be no ramps or other floor seating floor stands.

Floor box floor seats:

In this case, floor seats are along a wall and you will not have to stand all the time. The proximity of the floor seats to the stage may not be consistent; each floor box floor seat typically has its own entrance from outside the venue or VIP lounge floor floor floor seating.

Floor lounge Seats:

In this case, floor seats are located near the stage but on the second floor. Instead of floor stands, there will be floor riser floor seating where you can stand and see the concert stage.

Balcony floor seating:

In this case, floor seats are on the floor level but at a higher floor than other floor seating. The floor riser floor seating areas in these floor seats are lower than those for floor standing; however, you will not be required to stand all the time because there will also be seats and tables so that you can rest your feet or drinks while watching the concert.

Floor box seat a stadium or arena seat where you can see and hear clearly. The floor box seat is typically behind the last row of seats in an arena; it has its own entrance from outside the venue VIP lounge floor seating lounges. It is also called floor box floor floor floor floor floor floor floor floor floor floor seating.

First row / front-row seat:

The most desirable and expensive kind of seats. Not all performances have first row/front row seats; with some concerts, there may not be a first row/front row so that you will be standing near the stage instead. When floor seats are described as first-floor floor floor floor floor floor floor floor floor floor seating, they mean that you will be able to see and hear clearly.

Second-row/middle row:

This seat is the best kind of seat after the first row/front row. If a concert does not have first row/front row then second-floor floor floor floor stadium seating floor floor floor floor floor floor floor floor seats are the next best.

Top Last Row:

seat the least desirable and cheapest kind of seats because there is a chance that the view will be blocked by heads or hands above you. However, at some concerts, being towards the back allows you to enjoy more breathing space than if you were nearer

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