How much are floor seats?

Floor seats for the NBA Finals are $600 each.

For the suns: Seatgeek tickets: $515 in the upper section with floor seats: $9,800.

At a Lakers game: Courtside tickets for NBA game: $300 – $50,000.

For BTS: Upper section: $200 and floor ticket to the concert for $386.

Brooklyn nets:$2100 and up for average competition.

Orlando Magic Tickets:

Level Total Monthly
PROMENADE I $1,999 $400for 5 months
PROMENADE II $1,499 $300for 5 months
PROMENADE III $1,399 $280for 5 months

It’s no secret that basketball tickets are more expensive than ever. But if you’re willing to spend your money for a great place in the house, here’s how much you’ll have to fork over this season …

You might pay as little as $5 per seat at an intimate Division III game. In the Big Ten and Big 12 conferences, courtside seats can fetch $1,000 or more. And for the national championship game, some are listed at a staggering $2,500 apiece …

In addition to your ticket price, you might pay an extra charge on each ticket called a facility fee. This is due mainly to rising salaries at schools. In 2008-2009, that fee is $3,398 for men’s hoops (and $1,565 for women’s).

If you’re a true baller and buy an entire season seat package — not just tickets to individual games — there might be an additional fee. It’s called the plan ticket fee. That can range from $2 per game up to several thousand dollars …

Aside from those costs, you may have to pay for parking. At one school, tailgating in the football stadium lots before the game is allowed only with a season-ticket pass. The rule applies to some basketball games as well. Nearby parking can cost you an extra $5 to $20 …

What does all this add up to? It can range from $1,000 to more than $3,000 for a ticket package that includes every game …

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