How to Make a Floor Chair in 8 quick Steps (step by step)

Sitting on the floor has a lot of benefits, but some people can’t avail of this opportunity for those people. We come up with a little tutorial on how to make a floor chair your own. This is the best solution for people who can’t afford a readymade floor chair, or these chairs not available in your country to buy.

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How to Make a floor chair your own at home

Furniture! Yes, we can say that it is something that provides a perfect look for any place according to its genre. If we talk about homes, the first thing which comes to our mind is comfort.

Floor chairs are best to spend time with family or friends while sitting comfortably. In fact, this furniture item covers the real meaning of comfortability. A perfect and decent floor chair adds attractiveness to the living room or TV room where you can watch movies, play games, have fun with family or friends, can work on your laptop, and can do any other task. Floor chairs are quite popular these days due to their exciting level of coziness and relaxation. If you are not in a position to buy a floor chair, then this article is going to help you. But how?

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We are going to teach you to Make a Floor Chair. If someone is not familiar with Chairs without legs that then we are explaining it to you.

The floor chair is similar to a normal chair but has no legs. Means its seating part is placed directly on the floor level. However, some of these chairs have back support or some have no back support.

So! Are you ready to learn “How to Make a Floor Chair”?

Part 1: The Bottom Cushion

Material Collection:

  1. Fabric
  • 2-3/4 Yards of 90” Fabric

fabric to make floor chair

Suggested Fabric:

  • Cotton
  • Canvas
  • Any double, queen or King size sheet
  • Any non-stretchable fabric
  1. Thread
  • 2/3 reels of normal thread
  • 2/3 reels of heavy-duty thread(used for tufting)

thread for chair making

      1. Long Tufting Needle 


        1. Sewing Needle or Sewing Machine

      Sewing Machine

        1. Scissor


      1. Pins
      2. Ruler
      3. A lot of Stuffing material e.g foam, cotton, polyester or any other that you want to use.

Procedure (Steps to Make Floor Chair)

      • For centerpieces Cut 2 Squares of 38” * 38” (Fabric cloth)
      • For sides, pieces Cut 4 pieces of 38” * 12”
      • Take some pins and pin the short edges of all side pieces together so a complete square can be formed.
      • Take the sewing needle or sewing machine and sew the short edges of all side pieces together.
      • Now, take one square centerpiece and sew its sides with the long edges of side pieces.

After this a box-type shape became visible.

      • Do the same for the other squared centerpiece but make sure to leave a gap to stuff the cushion with stuffing material.
      • After the sewing, flip the cushion shell inside out.
      • Now, stuff it with stuffing material until it fits your requirement.
      • Once the cushion is full, use a needle and the thread of the same color with the fabric and stitch the gap from the inside of the fabric so the stitches became invisible.
      • Now use the ruler and place dots almost 9 dots on the regular distance to make some gathers and tufts. Take a long needle and thread, tie a not at the end of the thread and then stitch the needle through the pillow at one of the dots and then take the needle out from another side. Pull the thread tightly to create some gather in the cushion. Knot off the thread. Repeat the same process for all other dots.
      • The edges of cushions can be tufted also. By using needle and thread gather the top and side together, start by bringing the needle to the top of the pillow by an inch away from the edge and bring the needle out from the side by an inch below from the top. Now, Stitch back from the side and come up on the top about an inch away. Do the same and pull the thread tightly and a tufted edge will become visible. Make sure to tie a knot after each stitch.

Now the base part of our best floor seat is complete.

Part 2: The Back Cushion (Back Support)

  • You can use wood to the frame or plastic frame to create back support for the chair. (Hint: Another option is to use a used chair by cutting its legs.)
  • Use the same procedure to make the back cushion. You can change the dimensions according to your will. This means you can make the back cushion in your desired height that can comfort your back.
  • Attach both cushions by sewing one of their edges together. Or use the back cushion separately.

The homemade floor chair will be ready. Therefore, we hope you have got the idea that how to make a Floor Chair.

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