16+ Indian Floor Seating Ideas – Asian Style

If you are in connection to South Asia, notably India, Indian floor seating concepts are a requirement for any living room. It might be challenging to determine the ideal location, even when you have a lot of room. Also, the task may feel pretty demanding if you have spatial difficulties. Below, you’ll find examples of natural and the best Indian floor seating ideas.

The allure of floor sitting is even more alluring when numerous options exist. Hence, it’s not just about the home furnishings or the color of your walls; it involves a motif that develops due to several factors. Also, avoid mixing and matching items that will never work in the scene.

Latest Indian Floor Seating Ideas:

India is rich in culture. Hence, there are many possibilities to choose from the diverse options. Some of the best Indian Floor Seating Ideas are below;

  1. Well Decorated Foyer:

Well Decorated Foyer indian seating

In Indian culture, the front door or foyer of the house gets highly valued. Additionally, a nicely designed and well-lit entryway can make a good first impression on your visitors. For a more traditional look, consider ornamental dishes and figurines.

  1. Adding color: 

If you want Indian-style seating, choose a palette that combines earthy colors like browns and greens with relaxing tones like blue. Additionally, you might think about repainting your antique wooden furniture. Also, choose a neutral background to help the room look even better.

  1. Straw seat cushions:

Straw seat cushions Indian

A cushion made of knitted straw is a futon with white upholstery and dark wood frames for a boho feel and an Indian seating concept. Additionally, this floor sitting gets mainly influenced by Japanese culture. The straw seats are one of the most excellent solutions, despite appearing uncomfortable.

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  1. Addition of swings: 

indian indoor swings

One of the best Indian home decorating concepts that can change the pace of traditional seating arrangements is the use of swing sets. Consequently, the seat of jhulas or swings might be a simple wood board or a whole sofa, depending on the style. Strings or bungee cords are two other options for the hanging portion.

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  1. All wood:

Wooden textures are classic and can get found in everything. Also, they can seem conventional, refined, and stylish all at once. Use attractive wooden panels on your roof structure or textural wooden claddings on the walls. Always add a few chic lamps or a chic coffee table in metal to counterbalance wood’s coziness and rustic feel.

  1. Having a Baithak:

Having a Baithak

Baithaks served as the monarch’s royal residence in Rajasthani Rajput culture (royal people). Also, it got utilized for eating and leisure activities. Add pillows with beddings with Rajasthani needlework to your home decor to give it a truly royal feel.

Popular seating configurations called baithaks or low seats are prevalent throughout many regional cultures. Additionally, In Indian traditional living rooms, these seats serve as couches or chairs. They also give the property the perfect Indian touch.

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  1. Utilization of Indian fabrics:

Indian fabrics floor seating ideas

Indian home interiors have a specific affinity for textiles. Your home decor can incorporate various textiles, such as leheriya and block patterns. Indian embroidery is a beautiful way to bring more color into your home.

Plus, colors get considered to be the spirit of India. Bring the desi vibe into your home using block-printed bed linens, patchwork quilts, and vibrant carpets.

  1. Mandir or prayer area addition:

Mandir or prayer area addition

Since there are many gods in India, a mandir, or space for prayer, is a feature found in almost all Indian households.

An adequately designed chamber or modest pieces of carved furniture are two ways that households can incorporate a mandir. Also, various mandir styles exist depending on one’s preferences and available space.

  1. Terracotta decorations:

Terracotta decorations

In Indian households, terracotta pots get utilized as planters because of how effectively the green of plants contrasts with the material.

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Additionally, Iron oxide flooring is eco-friendly and long-lasting, and they get prettier with time. You may give your home an Indian feel by using terracotta decorations.

  1. Adding Tufts:

Wool and corduroy, both of which have tufts, are excellent choices for stacking. Another everyday use for these cushions is to create DIY wood box couches.

Also, Floor cushions are one company that offers various forms and designs so you can personalize the cushion configuration for your floor seating.

  1. Walls with a traditional feel:

Indian Walls with a traditional

If you’re looking for some fantastic solutions to adorn the contemporary living room, choose a traditional assortment of Indian folk artworks from various parts of the nation. Consequently, some examples include the historical paintings known as Madhubani and Warli and other well-known works of art.

  1. Statement pieces:

home décor choice

Brass deity figures are a common home décor choice in India. Antique items might look best when displayed in the empty living room corner. Also, you can use wall cabinets or displays to display beautiful things like ceramic pots, diyas, and carvings made of sandalwood.

  1. Rug addition:

Indian Rug

To make it easier to see where you’re seated in a compact area, place an area rug beneath every piece of furniture used for seating. Also, ensure at least one piece of seating furniture is on the rug if it isn’t big enough to fit all of your reclining furniture.

  1. Sofa addition for evident division:

Indian Sofa addition for evident division


If your lounge room is sufficient to hold sizable events, consider using a sofa to divide the space.

Additionally, this idea gives each location a feeling of size and intimacy while allowing for dialogue between spaces. A sofa facing away from the passageway between the two areas creates a more evident division.

  1. Making space for Tulsi plants:

Indian Tulsi plant

To create a relaxing ambiance inside the home, bring nature inside. Worshiping the tulsi plant is a custom in India. Also, the fortunate bamboo plant and the money plant are two other lucky plants you can use in your home’s interior design. You can also create a balcony garden when designing an Indian-themed home interior.

  1. Entryway door carvings:

Entryway door carvings

Entryway door carvings do make a great addition to an Indian home’s interior design. It can add a tremendous appeal to the room when used to build the main door. There are many exquisite patterns and traditional door carvings in India. Also, you can add glass panels to give the doors a contemporary touch.

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What is the influence of Indian fabric prints on floor seating?
Fabrics with Indian prints, like flower patterns, can be used to decorate the floor seats and serve as ornamental art pieces. Plus, block prints and other locally inspired themes and patterns can get used as draperies, rugs, mats, and other decors in various rooms.
What does it mean by classic Indian floor seating?
The interior decor, floor seating, and antique furniture like wooden desks and chests, among other items, evoke a bygone age. Additionally, your living space might benefit from the classic addition of Indian-style furniture with dark-polished wood finishes.
What do famous Indian houses include in floor seating?
Popular home design items in India include lovely rugs with traditional patterns and ethnic motifs. Also, carpets make the floor space cozier and warmer, making them an essential part of whatever home. Consequently, You may choose from various color schemes that feature deep, rich hues or delicate pastels to fit your design taste.


Overall, it is best to say that you will get a remarkable impression of yourself from how you design your house with these Indian floor seating ideas. Also, your property can look newer with an Indian traditional interior design. Utilizing Indian handicrafts is one of India’s most common home decorating ideas.

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