is General Admission Floor Seating Good?

There are also some general admission floor seating tickets for $60

I am so happy to hear that because I was really afraid of spending money on tickets without knowing exactly what I was getting into. I am hoping to attend Coachella for the first time next year, but have never been before and do not know how general admission works (I’ve always gone to festivals where there are seats).

what is floor seating ?

Luckily there’s a website that has just what you’re looking for. You can check out this website for all the details about the general admission floor and lawn seating at Coachella. They have a detailed review of every section of the stadium, so you’ll know exactly what to expect when you go.

last year we spent $650 on 3 passes for campers and two nights camping which was 300 each night with no showers or plumbing but fun anyway. they do have port-o-potties. this year my husband bought 2 tickets under his name and mine (we’re married)for 869 per ticket through Coachella’s site then found out that he could add me as an additional for 69 more…..still cheaper than buying 2 thereafter so I’m happy!

I’ll keep this in mind as I’m thinking about buying tickets next year. Thanks for sharing!

I saw a lot of people who also shared the same question regarding general admission floor seating. Some might have posted the query before but since I am new here, I just want to ask whether or not it’s worth it? How is the view in such a section? Will we still be able to see the stage well enough? Is there any disadvantage if we were seated at the back?

Thank you. I’m planning on attending this festival next year and this will definitely help me decide if I should buy floor or standing tickets.

my friend has a ticket in the first row of general admission floor seating would he have a good view of the stage? thanks! I’ve never gone but I want to go alone so I need all info possible about it 🙂

I too have some questions regarding GA floor seating. I am planning on booking my ticket next year, but like all of you, I want to be sure I’m making the right choice in order to make this experience as memorable as possible. Unfortunately, since tickets will not be available until early 2015, we won’t know much about which bands will play or where their main stage will be located (as far as the views go). With that said, I have a few questions: 1) How close would one be to the actual “stage”? 2) Would it really feel like an intimate concert rather than watching it from afar? 3) Is there any disadvantage to getting floor seating versus GA standing? 4) What if I wanted to have a buddy along with it possible for both of us to get tickets in the same row together to enjoy the concert? Thank you in advance!

This is really helpful. Thanks so much! 🙂 Can anyone answer this (and perhaps others)? “I’m planning on attending this festival next year and this will definitely help me decide if i should buy floor or standing tickets.

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