is General Admission Floor Seating Good?

There are also some general admission floor seating tickets for $60 I am so happy to hear that because I was really afraid of spending money on tickets without knowing exactly what I was getting into. I am hoping to attend Coachella for the first time next year, but have never been before and do … Read more

How good are floor seats at concerts? worth it?

Are floor seats good for concerts? are floor seats good? When floor seats for concerts are mentioned most people think of general floor seating. However, floor seats can be obtained by purchasing special VIP packages. When floor seats are a part of VIP packages it is important to understand what floor seating means in the … Read more

What is Floor Seating?

what is floor seating ?

Floor seating is basically sitting on the floor in a room or auditorium. Floor seating is often found in theaters and opera houses, but it can also be found in community centers, schools, libraries, and other public buildings. Floor seating was first introduced to theater goers during the 19th century by British director Sir Henry … Read more

Muji Floor Chair Review 2022 (Good or Bad)

Muji's floor chairs reviews in 2021

If you come home after a day of hard work and stress in that situation, the Japanese Muji floor chair provides comfort and relaxation to your body. It could be superior to your regular chair because of its comfortability and durability. If you read the most recent Muji floor chair reviews, you’ll understand that there’s something … Read more

Best Japanese Floor Chairs – (Japanese floor seats with armrest)

Best Japanese Floor Chairs

Ever thought about the reason behind the Japanese youth, beauty, and fitness? Surely, they make several healthy lifestyle choices, which include their relaxing routines and yoga poses. A Zaisu is a legless Japanese chair that has been specially designed for the correct sitting postures and various asanas of yoga. It has a normal chair back and … Read more