Why I Got Floor Chair for Back Pain & back support?

why i get floor Chair for back-pain

There are many challenges with the one facing meditating on the floor including offering support and comfort with cross-legged meditation, Seiza or kneeling meditation, and Shivasana or lying meditation. With this consideration, where many notes some discomfort as occurred during a meditation session. With some people, one notes experiences where there is leg numbness, joint … Read more

Best Sitting Position for lower back pain to reduce pain (7 Tips)

Best Sitting Position For Lower Back to reduce pain

Looking for the Best Sitting Position for lower back pain? I guess you don’t just need to change position and many factors. Most individuals think that you require a major harrowing incident to cause back chronic pain, but it is not really factual. Things like falls, car accidents, and hernias can reason severe pain to … Read more