Japanese Sitting Position for Meditation (SEIZA The Secret of Age)

How Japanese Sitting on floor

There are a lot of people who find the Japanese Sitting Position also known as seiza unpleasant and difficult. However, this classic Japanese pose can focus your spirit, calm your heart, and even have helpful effects on your health. CHECK ALSO: Best floor chairs with back support 2022 What Is Seiza – A Japanese Sitting … Read more

Best Sitting Position for lower back pain to reduce pain (7 Tips)

Best Sitting Position For Lower Back to reduce pain

Looking for the Best Sitting Position for lower back pain? I guess you don’t just need to change position and many factors. Most individuals think that you require a major harrowing incident to cause back chronic pain, but it is not really factual. Things like falls, car accidents, and hernias can reason severe pain to … Read more

Toning with Tailor sitting & Ring sitting during pregnancy

Tailor Sitting Vs. Ring Sitting

Good posture (the pose in which you hold the body while sitting, standing, or lying down) throughout pregnancy involves training the body to walk, stand, sit, and lie in poses where the least strain is placed on the back. Although the growing belly might make you feel like you are gonna fall over, well, there … Read more