Toning with Tailor sitting & Ring sitting during pregnancy

Good posture (the pose in which you hold the body while sitting, standing, or lying down) throughout pregnancy involves training the body to walk, stand, sit, and lie in poses where the least strain is placed on the back. Although the growing belly might make you feel like you are gonna fall over, well, there are ways you can maintain proper body mechanics and good posture. Now let’s have a glimpse of Tailor Sitting Vs. Ring SittingTailor Sitting Vs. Ring Sitting

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1. Tailor Sitting

Toning the body throughout pregnancy can have quite some benefits. Labour can be pretty intensive and doing workouts for some easy toning can make your experience a bit simpler. In addition to that, toning the body throughout pregnancy can assist you during your pregnancy, particularly throughout the uncomfortable 3rd trimester. Toning throughout pregnancy does not need to be intensive either. You can do toning on the body with an easy exercise known as Tailor Sitting.

Tailor Sitting is a way of sitting that is vigorous for the body and for toning for the body muscles. When you do it correctly, it causes toning of the abdominal, thighs, pelvic muscles and back. It’s simple to do and can be done throughout a range of activities. You can do so while reading a book, watching television, or any other time you are sitting still.

Benefits Of Tailor Sitting

By toning the pelvic muscles and thigh, this sitting position prepares the body for the flexibility you will require throughout the delivery of the child. By toning your back muscles, this sitting position assists with the much-required release of back pain and tension. Also, this sitting pose is the perfect pose in which an expecting mom can do Kegel muscle workouts. For the best results, you must start Tailor Sitting as early in the pregnancy as you can. The longer you do it throughout the pregnancy, the more ready and toned the muscles will be on the big day.

2. Ring Sitting

Very close to tailor sitting apart from that you don’t cross your legs, but rather make a ring with your feet touching to complete the ring/circle.  This sitting position is a more stable pose than the tailor sitting.

How To Perform These Sitting Positions?

Well, these two methods are not much different from each other. One involves you crossing your legs and the other one does not. Do whichever feels most comfortable for you.

To Tailor Sit with the legs crossed, first, sit on a pillow or floor with the knees bent away from you and the ankles crossed. Lean a little bit forward ever relax and so slightly. Keep the back straight all the time. That is it! You just need to sit that way for a few minutes as a minimum every day.

Doing Ring Sitting without crossing your legs stretches the muscles even more and will boost flexibility more than performing Tailor Sitting. Even if you just perform crossed leg Tailor Sitting, it’d be beneficial to utilize this method every once in a while. Start by performing Tailor Sitting with the crossing your legs method. Uncross your legs and stretch the muscles and press the feet together. Bend over until the knees touch the floor and hold for as long as is easy. If you cannot perform it the first time, do not be anxious. It’ll come with practice. Only keep trying it each day.

By toning the muscles with Tailor and Ring Sitting each day throughout the pregnancy, you can make sure that you have simpler labor and evade difficulties down the road. Be cautious when doing Tailor or Ring Sitting to evade pushing yourself too far. Take the time and go on at a rate that works best for you. If you do this workout diligently, you will be happy with the results!

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