What are Floor Seats at a Concert?

Attending a concert with a comfortable sitting and enjoying your favorite artist showing up their talent is probably the best thing to experience in life. Most people buy floor seats to enjoy the concerts to their fullest, while there are many who consider buying floor seats as paying extra money.

Floor seats are more popular when you are talking about concerts because there is a separate section of floor seats for those who do not want to watch the whole show while standing. Floor seats are a good option for those who want to enjoy the joyous moment while maintaining separate areas and space for them.

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what is floor seating ?

How good is floor seating at concert?

This way, people enjoy most of the show as they are close to the stage and artists they also enjoy and dance around with the fans. However, it also depends on the venue and positions of your sitting area. If you get the full view, then you will enjoy the whole show very easily and have your personal space at the same time.

Before spending money on floor seats at a concert, there are few things which we prefer you to know before you decide whether or not you should spend money on buying floor seats for concerts.


When you are buying floor seats at a concert, it means you are closer to the stage and artist as compared to everyone else. Depending on the venue setup, you may be able to get at the very front as compared to other people and see the artist personally and up close.

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It is pretty cool to see your favorite artist live rather than on tv screens when you are sitting at the back. Being at the front also gives you a chance to interact with your favorite artist and let them notice you in the crowd.

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Spending a lot of money on floor seats does not mean that someone will give you a guarantee of having a clear view of the artist or stage. For this, you must consider how tall you are from other people as floor seats are not angled like other seats, and you have to depend upon your positioning and height to get a good view.

Whenever you are on the shorter side, there are good chances for the people who will be in front of you blocking your view, then your expenditure on buying floor seats will go in vain.


It all depends on the type of concert you attend; you may like music at full volume; that’s what you will get whenever you are sitting on the floor. The closer you are to the stage, the louder the volume will be the better you will enjoy the music.

If you want to listen to the music at full volume, then floor seats are the best option for you. Sitting on the floor seats close to the stage and artist, you will listen to the music in a very loud voice compared to other people.


Attending the concert is more than just listening or enjoying your artist’s play or singing live; it’s a complete visual effect show, props, and lights. If you come to know that the concert you are attending has visual effects, then the best place is to sit at the back to get the full view of the stage.

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When you are on the floor, you will not get the full view of the stage and what is going on in it.


If you decide to get the floor seats, then you will be with enthusiastic people. It depends if the seats are not on the floor, you will be packed into the area. If your mind getting involved in the large number of people moving and dancing around you, then you will have a good time there.

You will get the chance to enjoy the concert and dance with other people as well who love the artist as you do.


When it’s about concert experience, being close to the stage and artist listening to the music at full volume and dancing around with other people is your idea to have fun, then floor seats are good for you. If you want personal space and want to see the whole show, then upper-level seats are good for you.

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