Zaisu Floor chair (Tatami Seats by Japanese Furniture)

zaisu-tatami-floor-chair review

The Zaisu floor chair is preferred in a Japanese home and even placed in hotel rooms. I have seen this furniture in Japan. The concept of floor chairs is not a very complicated one since they are just like regular chairs except for the fact that they do not come with legs.

Many people prefer sitting on the floor than on furniture or bed especially when you have friends gathering and want to chit chat or watch movies.

They are also perfect for situations where you want to play board games with your friends or family. Many people who switched to Tatami chairs from regular chairs have pointed out many of the benefits of these chairs, especially how good they are for back pain and support. These Japanese chairs are categorized into Tatami chairs.

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What is Zaisu Floor Chair?

As the name already suggests, the floor seating is a chair that you can place on the floor unlike the regular chair with legs. Since it has no legs, the seating part of the chair is situated directly on the floor, and the best thing is it will not make your room or apartment look packed with furniture.

Many people love sitting on the chair for activities like reading and working on the laptop but sitting on the floor can be very comfortable if you do not have the right kind of seating. The floor seats provide you with the back support that you can expect from a regular chair, and that will help you sit comfortably on the floor for prolonged hours. There are many different kinds of Tatami floor chairs that you can choose from, and some do not come with back support, but if you are aiming for a comfortable sitting experience on the floor, then you should pick the one that offers back support.

Zaisu Japanese Style Floor Chair

Keeping The Japanese Tradition Alive

The Japanese have extreme family values, and over there most of the families sit on the floor when they are having food or spending quality family time together. Zaisu floor chairs keep that tradition alive, and these innovative chairs actually originated from Japan and are now becoming famous all over the world. If you have ever been to a Japanese house, you will notice how their tables and chairs are not as high as the ones you will typically find in European or American houses. But sitting on such chairs can be a bit uncomfortable for your legs.

The Japanese floor chairs offer a better design than such lower chairs and provide the sitters with just the ideal amount of back support that they need. Japanese refer to such chairs as Zaisu, and they have become an essential part of the furniture that they regularly use in their homes. To provide you with more convenience, some floor seats are designed in such a way that you can even fold them and free space when you need to. Moreover, you can also move the back support around until you discover the setting that best works for your back.

Zaisu Floor Chair Japanse style

What Kind of Zaisu Floor Chair Should You Buy?

If you have decided to equip your apartment with floor chairs, then there are several things that you should consider before you rush to get a floor seat. Here is a detailed list of all the factors you should consider:

  • Look around your apartment and try to find the perfect spot to put the Tatami. It is ideal to choose a spot close to a window or a slightly lower table where you can place things like your coffee mug when sitting on a floor chair.
  • If you sit on the floor often, you may have noticed how hard it is to get up when you have been sitting on the floor for too long. Because of this, you should buy a Zaisu that offers some degree of flexibility so that you can quickly get up from it every time.
  • This is rather obvious but when you go to buy a Zaisu floor chair, make sure that the design of the chair is not in contrast with the overall look of your interior and get the one that goes with everything else in your apartment.
  • There are different kinds of ground chairs available in the market for different types of sitters. Some are for adults and some for kids, and you should consider who you are buying the chair for when you go to get one.
  • If you think you are going to need an armrest for additional comfort than you can look for the floor chairs that provide this feature. You will find plenty of decent floor chairs with armrests in the market.
  • Some people may want to adjust the back support of the floor chair differently depending upon their needs or back pain issues. Thankfully many floor chairs come with the option of adjusting the back support in case that is something that you might need.
  • If your apartment has a delicate floor, then you must be careful when getting a floor chair as it may scratch your floor when you move it around. Carefully look at the material of the chair before you purchase it and only get the one that will not ruin your floor.
  • Big floor chairs may look more comfortable as they come with additional cushioning but be careful when getting a big chair as you do not want to end up with a chair that will be too hard to move around in case you need to move it to a different location.

Lastly, when you have decided what kind of floor chair you are going to buy then the best place to order one is right from the internet. Amazon is the best online platform to obtain a Zaisu floor chair because you will get to browse through a lot of options and pick the one that suits your house and budget the most. If you do not want to shop online, then you can also visit your nearest reputable stores, and there you can even sit on one and decide if it’s comfortable or not before you purchase it.

Zaisu is a Japanese-style floor seat that can be used as a meditation chair for sitting like the Japanese. The special design of Zaisu avoids back pain which usually happened during sitting without back support.

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